Thursday, 27 March 2008

Web 2.0 Day - AM

Hmmm. Interesting so far. Was interesting to hear from Ros Smith at JISC about their recent reports on e-learning. It makes me wonder if VLEs are being superceded by users preferences for using Facebook, IM, Skype and other more 'social' communication methods.

I really enjoyed Phil Bradley talking about Web 2.0. Very dynamic. I agree with his idea that we are using the Web in a different way - our computer is more dynamic and we make more use of 3rd party software on-line, applications. Made me realise what is out there - I thought I was up to date!! - and that, frankly, we should just be getting out there and doing it ourselves.

I'm also very impressed with Jane (VHL) and Emma (Linacre) for just going down the Web 2.0 route and experimenting. It's something I think we should be doing at a larger level, but also made me wonder if our users will really be interested in communicating with us by these methods. Early days yet, but nice to know at least some people in Oxford have taken the bull by the horns.

So far no-one has mentioned disability (guess I should have asked the question really!!). This is something I need to look into - how accessible are a lot of Web 2.0 applications.

Let's see what happens this afternoon. A chance to have a look at, and other applications.


Kate A-S said...

VLEs are probably dead ducks but what they do offer is secure access to content....

Brian said...

Web Accessibility and accessibility in a Web 2.0 environment are areas of interest to me.

Blog posts on this topics are available at:

I've also had a paper accepted which covers accessibility of Web 2.0 services. This will be linked in shortly from

Brian Kelly, UKOLN